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© 2020 by Dulce Ruby

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"The energy of each phase of the moon is the governing principle of the energy of your inner world - your emotional state. The phase of the moon can be worked with as it affects whatever is happening in your life - taking it through the cycle of birth, inception, growth/development, full potential/harvest, breaking down/dissolving, letting go/death, stillness/vision of newness and rebirth."


This calendar features moon phases for every day of the month for the entirety of 2020 amid Dulce Ruby's popular quote 'Just like the Moon we go through phases' which was digitally inscribed and then worked onto the calendar.✨💜🖊


These art prints measure 11 x 8 inches -- ideal sizes for framing and showcasing on your walls!🌈🖼✨

✦ 2020 Lunar Calendar ✦ Holographic Art Print

$33.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price