Our Story

Sacred Joules creates fine jewelry for modern women that want to reclaim their magic. Every piece is crafted & designed with care and intention to best support the wearer on their journey.

The main inspiration for Sacred Joules are the various dimensions we exist within as Souls living out a human experience - the Cosmic, Earthly, Oceanic, and the Spiritual planes of existence. Every brand element is created with that subtle hint of magic connecting the wearer to the skies, land, sea, and most importantly - themselves.

These ethereal elements are found throughout the brand & pieces to serve as reminders that everything is connected. Sacred Joules aims to create pieces that spark remembrance; of who we truly are, the beauty & magic that constantly surrounds us and is within each & every one of us, and oneness consciousness.

Classic and dream-like elements are combined to create an elegant, yet unique look, that compliments the more playful searching for staple pieces to last a lifetime.


Sacred Joules aims to empower the wearer by making them feel beautiful, powerful and reconnecting them with their sense of wonder.

Based in Violet Hill, Canada - Dulce Ruby creates these pieces from around the globe with your state of being in mind! ✨